ClearCast™ Super Clear

Cast Polypropylene is the natural choice for stationary products.

ClearCast™ Super Clear film is especially designed for stationery products, featuring excellent optics – clarity and gloss even in high film gauge, very high gauge uniformity, exceptional sealing properties, optimal surface smoothness and low static charge.

Features and Benefits:

Optical Clarity  based on special polypropylene grades and special film formulation, ClearCast™ Super Clear film features crystal clear transparency and high gloss even in high film gauge, letting for a perfect view of the product.

Superior performance
 – ClearCast™ Super Clear features top of the line sealing properties combined with high puncture resistance and high smoothness, making it ideal for stationary and craft products.

Compliance – ClearCast™ Super Clear is made of materials suitable for food contact in accordance to FDA and EEC regulations.

Appearance – ClearCast™ Super Clear is offered crystal-clear transparent, tinted, or printed.

Superior lay-flat – for production high yield and efficiency, ClearCast™ Super Clear’s superior lay-flat properties make it ideal for fast processing of stationary products.