Flower sleeves

ROP’s flower sleeves are made of top quality crystal clear Cast Polypropylene which compliments your flowers with a clear and shiny looks and a smooth touch. Our flower sleeves are either smooth or micro perforated to improve air circulation surrounding the flower and are offered plain or printed.

Our flower sleeves are designed to suit a range of cut flower sizes from a single rose to a large bouquet.

Our flower sleeves are packed loose or wicketted together in batches for easy shop counter storage and use.

Features and Benefits:

Optical Clarity – based on a our top quality Polypropylene grades, ROP’s flower sleeves feature crystal clear transparency and high gloss for optimal product look and feel.

Optimized static properties – our flower sleeves feature high smoothness, improved slip and anti-static properties for optimal machinability or manual use and yield.

Excellent mechanical properties – our flower sleeves are famous for their high quality of uniformity, durability and sealing, which makes them ideal for easier handling and process.

Printability – our flower sleeves are supplied crystal clear, tinted or printed at your design of choice.