Our BreadCast™ family of bags and films combines exceptional mechanical properties for faster packing and better handling during transportation and display, and superior transparency that meets customers’ desire for a clear view of the product.

Features and Benefits:

Easy handling – BreadCast™’s exceptional mechanical properties make it ideal for mechanized and manual industrial packing processes.

Optical Clarity – based on R.O.P’s multi-layer Cast Polypropylene/Polyethylene formulations – BreadCast™ features crystal clear transparency, high gloss and high smoothness for best product appeal.

Machinability – BreadCast™ Packaging films and bags demonstrate high levels of consistency, uniformity and quality, assure high rate and uninterrupted flow of packaging and a smooth operation.

Durability – BreadCast™’s film strength and impact resistance make it ideal for processing, transporting and display of bread and pastry.

Superior shelf life – BreadCast™ keeps bread and pastry fresh, helps preserve their nutritional values and allows for freezing the products.

Printability – BreadCast™ bags and film are offered transparent, tinted and printed up to 8 colors.

Form factor – BreadCast™ is offered as bags in various shapes and sizes or roll stock from 8 inches (200mm) to 48 inches (1220mm) – macroperforated and microperforated.

Freezability – BreadCast™ film and bags let for storage of bread and pastry in extremely cold conditions. featuring excellent low temperature and impact resistance in temperatures as low as -27°C (-16.6F).