Since the 1980's R.O.P has served its customers with high quality flexible packaging solutions, such as film, bags and converted products. It's main production activity focuses in Cast Polypropylene (CPP) and Polyethylene (CPE), as well as blown film extrusion of Polyethylene (PE).


The company is part of the I.M.A Group, a leading manufacturer of packaging solutions including cardboard and plastics. This provides R.O.P with manufacturing and logistical solutions for various packaging industries.
R.O.P's has grown to become a prominent manufacturer of cast Polypropylene film and a leading company in the international arena. R.O.P's Three factories, one in Czech Republic and two in Israel, design and manufacture world-class products with quality and value for customers who prioritize service and shelf-life for their packing produce.
R.O.P's Led by a desire to support our customers, we aspire to fulfill and exceed expectations through continuous innovation and creativity, all the while staying true to our core values – reliability, flexibility, quality and service. Our values are at the heart of our company. They define who we are and determine each course of action we take.

R.O.P's produces and supplies packaging solutions for the fresh produce, bakery, medical, and textile markets as well as films and bags for other assorted products. They can be printed in HD quality up to eight colors and optionally macro or microperforated. We invest in the very latest technologies, and develop innovative products and services, expanding our global service and production network.


We are committed to maintaining our position as a global leader in the flexible packaging industry and put a strong focus on continuous development, especially for those who are interested in keeping their product fresh and up to date. We believe that a solution is truly valuable to our customers if it remains successful not just today, but also in the future. That's why innovation and sustainability are core principles that guide our philosophy.