Packaging Solutions


Our PP Cast films and PE blown films PE are suitable for various FFS machines. PP films offer outstanding transparency and a glossy finish, along with excellent heat-sealing characteristics, making them ideal for lidding and retorting applications. PE films are available in mono and multi-layer configurations, providing versatility and reliability results. Shrink films from PE are also available.

Easy Peel Bags

This type of closure can be achieved using glue. Multi-closure is also possible with this technology, so that the bag is re-closable. This closure type is common in packaging such as clothes packaging and courier shipping bags. Several glue strips can be applied so that the bags can be used for return shipment. In this case it is important to make the liner protect the glue from a different material than that of the bag, otherwise it will not separate easily. When manufacturing an easy peel bag the glue strength is significant. A glue that is too strong may result in a closure that is hard to open, in which case the bag will be torn instead of easily opening.

Locked-sealed Bags

In many industries, a tightly closed bag keeps the packed goods inside un-exposed to the environment or to various contaminations. This is why bags often come with a sealing layer or a glue layer for absolute closure so that they cannot be opened – or in professional terminology – so that it is Locked. This closure can only be opened by cutting the bag or tearing it. There are two ways to manufacture Locked sealed bags: sealing performed at the customer’s site, or applying a glue strip that can be closed after the packaging. The sealing strength will depend on the type of glue, which can be very strong to prevent bag opening.

Zipped locked Bags

ZipLock closure enables closing by pressing one side of the opening against the other. This closure type is ideal for packaging food such as sandwiches, fruits and vegetables. Additional uses are for protective wrapping of boxes and for storing bulk items, such as beads, screws, and bolts. This type of closure enables easy reopening and resealing, yet at the same time, when the bag is closed it keeps out humidity and environmental gases.

Cardboard Packaging

These versatile boxes are available in a range of sizes, providing practical and reliable packaging options for items of different dimensions. Their sturdy construction ensures protection during transportation and handling, while their lightweight nature makes them easy to carry and stack. The boxes are made of durable materials that provide excellent strength and structural integrity. Their foldable design allows for easy assembly and efficient storage when not in use. Their corrugated construction adds an extra layer of protection, safeguarding the contents from impacts and ensuring safe delivery. Additionally, cardboard boxes are eco-friendly and recyclable, contributing to sustainable packaging practices.

Macro Perforation

R.O.P's flexible packaging solutions are available with different perforation techniques, providing the necessary airflow, ventilation, and gas exchange to keep products fresh and maintain their desired quality. Macro perforation refers to the creation of large holes in the packaging. These perforations are visible and provide airflow and ventilation. They are often used in packaging products that require a higher level of air circulation, such as baked goods or snacks, to prevent moisture buildup and maintain their texture and quality. 


Micro Perforation

Our CAP (Controlled Atmosphere Packaging) often involves Micro perforation. This term refers to creating small holes in the packaging material. These tiny perforations allow for controlled airflow and gas exchange while maintaining the integrity of the package. Micro perforations are used to regulate humidity levels and prevent spoilage, and thus to extend the shelf life of fresh produce, such as fruits and vegetables.

Conical Bags


Our conical bags are packed loose or wicketted together in batches for easy shop counter storage and use. These versatile bags are ideal for a wide range of products and are often used for packaging flowers, providing them protection, as well as a clear and shiny look and a smooth touch. the bags are designed to suit a range of cut flower sizes from a single rose to a large bouquet.