Lidding films

Advanced food and beverage packaging

From convenient stand-up pouches to reliable top films, vacuum bags, and versatile lidding options, we provide packaging solutions that meet your specific needs. Our products ensure product freshness, maximize shelf life, and offer convenience for both manufacturers and consumers.

With exceptional sealing properties, barrier protection, and puncture resistance, our top films ensure the integrity and freshness of your products. Designed for efficient heat sealing and compatibility with various packaging formats, they provide reliable performance and enhance product safety.

Our vacuum bags for food and beverages are manufactured to provide superior barrier properties, ensuring extended shelf life and protection against moisture and oxygen. Designed for efficient vacuum sealing, these bags maintain product freshness and preserve flavor and nutritional values.

Our lidding products are especially engineered to seal to a large variety of surfaces at the optimal sealing level.

It is frequently used as a closure on plastic or aluminum cups or bowls for products such as yogurt, soups, cookies, meats, cheeses, single-serve cereal, and many other food products. It is also used on packaging for non-food products.

Lidding is frequently a laminated construction that includes BOPP or BOPET films. It can also include foil, paper and metalized films. The base of every lidding film is the sealing layer. The sealing layer is responsible to provide the right sealing – peelable, lock-seal or self-seal.

Lock seal lidding film sealing layer
Self seal laminate film
Easy Peel lidding film sealing layer
Easy peel lidding film sealing layer
Self-seal medium barrier film
Freezable self-seal medium barrier film