ExtendCast™ Cauliflower

By controlling the Cauliflower’s optimal gas and moisture environment, ExtendCast™ Cauliflower extends Cauliflower shelf life and freshness by up to double the time compared to unwrapped or shrink-wrapped Cauliflower.
It also helps to prevent shrivel and saves up to 27% weight loss.

Features and Benefits:

Superior shelf life – ExtendCast™ keeps Cauliflower fresh & crisp, prevents decay, physiological disorders and off-odor up to 12 days in retail conditions.

Saving product weight – ExtendCast™ prevents weight loss up to 27% compared to non-packed / shrink wrapped cauliflower.

Easy handling – ExtendCast™’s exceptional mechanical properties make it ideal for mechanized and manual industrial wrapping & packing processes, both in the field and in packing houses.

Optical Clarity – based on a special Polypropylene grade – ExtendCast™ features crystal clear transparency, high gloss, anti-fog properties and high smoothness.

Durability – ExtendCast™’s film strength and impact resistance make it ideal for processing, transporting and display of the Produce.

Compliance – ExtendCast™ complies with the USA FDA 21 CFR part 175.300 (c) and EU Regulation 10/2011 as amended for food contact.

Printability – ExtendCast™ film and bags are offered transparent, tinted and printed up to 10 colors.

Form factor – ExtendCast™ is offered as bags in various shapes and sizes or roll stock from 8 inches (200mm) to 48 inches (1220mm) – macroperforated and microperforated.