The Challenge

Most fresh produce is a highly perishable and delicate product making its handling and shelf life a challenge. With averages of produce shriveling at up to 12%, according to official research, post-harvest yield loss costs growers, processors, retailers and consumers billions each year. Professionally packing of fresh produce prevents lost dramatically, makes it more appealing and provides nutritional values for longer time.


Fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs continue to respire after they have been harvested. This process consumes oxygen and produces carbon dioxide, water and heat. By reducing their respiration rate, maintaining the optimal humidity level and letting for the right post-harvest treatments, we help keeping these packaged products fresh much longer than that of unpacked or standardly packed produce by maintaining the quality of the product – its taste, aroma, texture & appearance and preventing weight loss.

Our products

ExtendCast™ Modified Atmosphere and Humidity Packaging films and bags optimize fresh produce’s shelf life, appearance, nutritious values and weight. Each ExtendCast™  product is tailor-engineered for a specific fruit, vegetable and herb, based on its unique respiration characteristics, water loss rate, mass and post-harvest processes.

ExtendCast™ films and bags are manufactured especially for fresh produce packaging, featuring  exceptional clarity which enhances produce attractiveness, top of the line film durability, puncture resistance, good sealing properties, and smooth machine-abilty for optimal handling and packing.

ExtendCast™ films and bags are available with anti-fog properties for further improvement of product appeal,  reduction of water vapor condensation and produce deterioration.

ExtendCast™ films are fully printable. Bags are available in a variety of sizes and shapes including square and tapered, flat, bottom gusset or as a flat bottom pouch, loose or wicketed.