Biohazard Bags

R.O.P's Biohazard bags, with exceptional mechanical properties and high-quality print, are used for decades to safely contain infectious agents or hazardous biological materials posing risks to human or animal health, or to the environment.

Features and Benefits:

Superior durability – R.O.P Biohazard bags’ strength, high impact and puncture resistance, as well as high smoothness, making them ideal for processing, storing, transporting, and disposal of biohazard waste.

Optical Clarity – based on a special Polypropylene grade, R.O.P Biohazard bags features crystal clear transparency, letting for clear view of the bag content. Cheaper and quicker handling – The use of one bag for the whole process with no need for repacking saves time and money and is more environmental friendly.

Printability – R.O.P Biohazard bags are offered transparent, tinted and printed with the biohazard symbol on them as well as usage instructions as required by OSHA for proper handling and personnel safety.

Form factor – R.O.P Biohazard bags are offered in various shapes and sizes up to 1,100mm. X 800mm. (43.3” X 31.5”).