Industrial film

Advanced industrial film packaging

Polyethylene and polypropylene films are ideal for protecting the integrity of packed products. They provide mechanical barrier, preventing contamination, moisture, and external elements from compromising the quality of the packaged goods, ensuring end customer satisfaction. These materials are not only cost-effective but also widely recognized and used in the industry.

Polyethylene ice bags are suitable for low-temperature storage
PE shrink films for automated packaging machines
Suitable for various uses.
Wide range of film rolls designed for automated packaging processes.
For storage, transportation, and protection of textile products
Available in various sizes and thicknesses
Customized protective films
Complying with strict regulations. Suitable for construction.
A long and thin material that stretchable, used for packaging products and securing them
2–20-liter black PE bags. Printing and root puncturing optional.
Films for In-Mold Decoration for injection molding machines.
Anti-reflective CPP with very low gloss
Anti-reflective CPP with very low gloss
Clear CPP for Stationary & Craft
Sealing layer for converted film
Designed to suit a range of cut flower sizes from a single rose to a large bouquet.
Wide range of high-quality bags, manufactured using cast and blown extrusion and lamination of up to...