ExtendCast™ XC-Cauliflower Preserves the Freshness and Eating Quality

Hi Tech Packaging for Keeping Lychee Fruit Fresh and Red

R.O.P’s FreshCast is engineered for extending Cauliflower shelf life

ExtendCast™ Avocado – R.O.P Fresh Produce

Low Cost, High Quality, Long Shelf Life

ExtendCast XC-Tomato - for reducing food waste

ExtendCast™ Persimmon

ExtendCast XC-Cucumber

ExtendCast XC-Broccoli – Iceless packaging solution

Xtend Packaging for Cantaloupe and Galia Melons

Extending the shelf life of agricultural products

Environmentally-responsible approach in fresh produce packaging

Ultra-thin MA Film Seeks to Revolutionize Packaging

ROP's modified atmosphere (MA) bulk liner and MA Ultra-thin film